Head Markus Sauermann sculptor
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Markus Sauermann

1967 born in Mainz/Germany
1984 - 1987 stone sculptor instruction with Theo Röhrig
1992 independently working as a freelance artist
1992 sculptor class Prof. Thomas Duttenhoefer, sculptor studio Wiesbaden, Germany
1996 study visit to Florence, Italy
1995 - 2004 personal assistant of Prof. Thomas Duttenhoefer
artwork in public area
1994 - 1995 sculptor symposia in Hunsrück mountains, Germany
1996 1st price at the competition “art at buildings” in Oppenheim, Germany
1998 - 1999 fountain plant and sandstone sculpture in Nierstein, park hotel, Germany
2002 design of a sanctuary at Rock Church in Mainz, Germany
2003 sculptor symposium in Rimbach, Germany
2004 design of a sanctuary in Zaandam, Netherlands
2005 sculptor symposium in Wald-Michelbach, Germany
design of a fountain plant and sandstone sculpture in Weinheim, Germany
sculptor symposium in Absteinach, Germany
2007 cedar sculpture in Loveland, Colorado, USA
sculptor symposium in Lindenfels, Germany
2008 sculptor symposium in Lungern, Switzerland
sculptor symposium in Bischofsheim, Germany
2010 big sculpture, Viernheim, Germany
2012 sculptor symposium in Grass-Ellenbach, Germany
2013 Sculptures way of reconciliation in Freistadt, Austria